Hi – welcome to rookiecookieweb.com; a humorous on-line book about cooking and the home of seriously easy cooking for one or two…. and then, maybe, later, when you’ve gained a little more experience, to cook for even more than that.

My name is Colin Muddimer, and I am no chef.

It’s the sort of book that you buy for the person who has everything, because no-one has anything like this.   The intention was to publish the book in print and channel all proceeds to do some good – to that end I have given any money raised to The New Skills Centre, Ipswich in Suffolk, UK, who have done wonderful things with our lad, David, who has mild autism and who are helping him to cope with the ups & downs of daily life.

Well, so far, no print book has been possible, but all proceeds will still go to that superb establishment, although now in dribs’n’drabs as some people will make contributions as they use the pages and find them useful/entertaining…… or even funny…..and others won’t.  I know, it’s unfair; but life’s like that.   

It may be a little; it may be a lot (I somehow doubt that) but whatever this raises will help that wonderful establishment work its miracles on a daily basis.

(At present, the donation page is unavailable, so have this visit – and any other until I rectify the situation – on me!)

I started this book about 1990.  It has grown from a few scruffy jottings and notes about my pathetic early cooking attempts, through several painful stages to end up (and still not poisoned anyone…..yet) at 120,000 words and 160+ recipes; an unconventional ‘book’ on cooking in the form of a basic blog because no publisher would probably touch it with a pair of long barbecue tongs due to it being ‘a bit unconventional’.            Ne’mind.

My quest is STILL to get it in print somehow!

Photo: Chris Wiles Photography